“I am very happy with this nursery, I find the staff are brilliant, activities are interesting, my child is always well looked after and changed if he gets dirty. The play garden is an excellent facility for the children to go to. I think the children eat better than me!!! It’s all home cooked healthy food.”
Sally J.

”My son has been going to this nursery for about 4 months now. He has learnt so much in the short time that he has attended. The staff are polite and welcoming and the kindest people you’ll ever meet. My son absolutely loves going to this nursery. Well done to all of the staff!”
Kirsten P.

”My children go to this nursery, it’s very good value for money and the staff are very welcoming and friendly. Both of my children really enjoy going to this nursery, try it!”
Rachel S.

“As a single parent father I was really put at ease by the staff. They really helped me get back on track, not just with child care, but also helped and supported me when I was going back to work. The staff have all been there a long time, which shows the nursery must also look after their staff. After all is said and done, happy staff means happy children 🙂 I also found the menu book helpful, you can take copies of home made food to try at home. Staff are great you can really take to them, and they feel more like friends than just people who look after my child.”
Regards Mr P. Mohammad

“My daughter used to go to this nursery, really a very good nursery that I can recommend. It is homely and staff are very good and caring. She enjoyed going to nursery. We moved from Nottingham and she had to leave this nursery, wish we can find a nursery with such a good and caring staff!”
Shona G

“I find they cater for every child’s needs no matter how big or small, I would recommend them to everyone who’s looking for an outstanding nursery.”

“Friendly staff, varied diet and activities.”

“I would recommend this nursery if you’re looking for a child friendly, trustworthy and safe environment.”

“My son is in the top set in his class and that’s because of all the help and support from everyone at Learning Works Nursery.”