This is a copy of two of our menus, they run on a six weekly basis and are changed from summer to winter

All menus are displayed for parents to see and as part of our admissions procedure any food allergies, intolerances or any other dietry needs will be recorded.


At breakfast a choice of children’s cereals, toast, milk, diluted fruit juices are on offer

Morning snack

A choice of fruit, milk, water or toast are on offer.

Week 1
Dinner/ Pudding Afternoon Snack Tea
  • Vegetable stew & dumplings

    Greek yogurt and fruit

Tuna dip with pitta fingers

Cheesy beans on toast
  • Tuna/veggie  pasta pomodoro & garlic bread

    Lemon sponge and cream 

Spiced flapjacks

Mulligatawny soup

  • Lamb/chickpea tagine and couscous

    Apricot pudding & custard

Cheese scones


  • Veggie sausages, beans and vegetable oven chips

    Tropical fruit salad

Jamaican ginger cake

Spring rolls and sweet chilli dip
  •  Fish/quorn fillets, potatoes, sweetcorn, peas, broccoli and parsley sauce

    Stewed berries and semolina


 (cheesy pastry puffs)

Cheese topped muffins with chopped tomatoes

Week 2
  • Pork/quorn sausage, veggie mash and greens

    Fruit yogurts

Berry muffins

Mixed spicy bean pitta pockets

  • Quorn chilli, rice and nachos

    Bananas and custard

Vegetable sticks and dips


(Turkish lentil soup)

 with wholemeal rolls

  •  Meat and vegetable Kumpir (Turkish baked potatoes)

    Fruit salad


(cornmeal bread)

Selection of filled rolls and salad

  •  Fish/vegetable fingers, dauphinoise potatoes, peas and sweetcorn 

    Chocolate sponge and chocolate sauce

Cheese and tomato whirls

Spaghetti on toast

  •  Piri piri chicken/quorn and coconut rice

    Banana and cinnamon rice pudding


Quorn nugget wraps and coleslaw