Indoor Physical Play Area

Indoor play areaThe children have access to a large space for physical activities suitable for all age groups, activities such as soft play, climbing frame, jumping, balancing and movement and dance. The area is in the Pre-School Room although the younger rooms all take turns to use it.

Outdoor Play Area

Outside play areaThe outdoor area provides a large amount of physical play, it enables us to provide a variety of play not suitable for the indoors such as bike riding, ball games, water and sand play.

Play Garden

Outside mini beastsWe have an allotment which we call the “Play Garden”, this offers an exciting approach to outdoor play and learning in a safe and secure environment. As well as the physical benefits, it promotes self-confidence and improves social development through working together. The children have the freedom to experience the outdoors through exploration, taking risks and solving problems while learning the importance of the boundaries of behaviour.


Petting hamsterEach room regularly organises trips, walks and outings to ensure that the children experience the real world and the natural environments. These can be to local woods/ parks, library, soft play centres and our Play garden.

Once or twice a year we organise a big outing for the whole nursery, these have included Twycross Zoo, Wheelgate, Sundown Adventure Land, Skegness and White Post Farm.